We was founded in Hong Kong and engaged in the import & export business.

Until now we have set up a strong and professional team, and accumulated rich experience in import and export, product resources, and service system.Our products are applied in many different areas all over the world, especially in the industry such as construction, detergent and cosmetics, medicine. And we have achieved good reputations and feed backs for our good quality and services. We adhere to sincerity first and take honest as fundamental for a good and long win-win relationship with our business partners.


Crude Glycerin, Refined Glycerin, Yellow Glycerin, etc.

       Fatty Acid

Palm Fatty Acid Distillate, Palm Kernel Fatty Acid Distillate, Coconut Fatty Acid Distillate, Soybean fatty Acid Distillate, Palm Acid Oil, Coconut Acid Oil, Soybean Acid Oil, etc.

    ​  Vegetable Oil

High FFA Crude Palm Oil, Palm Stearin,Shortening, Hydrogenated Palm Stearin, Crude Palm Kernel Oil, Refined Palm Kernel Oil, Crude Coconut Oil, Refined Coconut Oil, etc.

Product Centre

Oleo Chemical

Glycerin (Crude Glycerin & Refined Glycerin), Coconut Oil, Green Energy Product / material (Palm Kernel Shell, Palm Acid Oil, Palm Fatty Acid Distillate, Cashew Nut Shell Liquid), Vegetable Wax and other green oil and fat.

Construction Machine

Construction Steel Tube Retreading Machine, Steel Tube Straightener, Three-In-One Function Machine (Straightening, Derusting & Painting), fastener-loosening machine, nut-loosening machine,etc.

Vacuum Equipment

Continuous Coating Line, Vacuum Web Coating Machine, Optical Thin Film Vacuum Coater, Magnetron Sputtering Coating Equipment, Arc Ion Vacuum Coating Machine, Evaporation Vacuum Coating Equipment, Chemical Vapour Deposition Device, etc.